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February 02, 2024

Save $$$ on Your Move: 5 Tips from Professional Movers

getting ready to moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving is usually one of the most exciting adventures you can plunge into. The process might be taxing, not only from the logistical point of view but in your budget also. High moving expenses are no luxury to any homeowner.

Our professional movers with A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Dallas can help you keep your costs managed and permit you to move without compromising your sanity. Though a few moving costs are inescapable, it can be possible to save money in several spots. To assist you with this, we outline a few suggestions to help cut down on expenditures while moving.

1. Declutter Ahead of When You Pack and Get Rid of the Excess

Gather all the unwanted things which could still be valuable enough to bring in decent money. Consider if the belongings are worth your time, headache, and cost of moving them to your new residence. If not, list them online, or sell them to friends to pocket a bit of cash to help with moving costs.

You can get rid of unwanted belongings with ease by:

  • List things online
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Trade the items to get other important items you might need from friends or relatives
  • Put the items on Facebook marketplace or maybe a neighborhood website

2. Pack It Yourself

When you are able to, packing your things on your own might save you tons of money over the move. Packing takes the longest time and is one of the most costly parts of moving.

Pack all your essentials, like:

  • Towels/Linens
  • Knick-Knacks
  • Dishes
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Dishes
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Pillows
  • Kids’ Toys

If you decide to pack by yourself, be sure you utilize good-quality boxes and packing tape (not masking tape!). Many moving companies in Dallas will provide several levels for the packing service. Contact your professional mover in Dallas and find the tier that best fits your needs as well as budget.

3. Look Around for Better Prices

When you’ve got a tight budget, figure out how to decrease cut your spending. Services and prices fluctuate similar to everything else. Don’t rush to shop for the best prices and understand all the selections available.

Be cautious of moving companies that have deals which sound too good to be true. Very low bids may mean low-quality work that might damage your belongings or the services being not what is promised. Settling on a reputable moving company in Dallas will offer peace of mind and guarantee quality work.

4. Do Not Spend Money on Boxes

Buying supplies such as paper, cartons, and bubble wrap can adversely affect your budget. Decrease such costs by being creative with how you find these items. Ask your family and buddies who recently moved for their used cartons and any unwanted packing materials they could have. Also, swing into retail locations like furniture, grocery, and appliance stores to ask if they have any cartons that they would be willing to give away.

5. Move During Non-Peak Season

There's a reason lots of people move in summer, which is referred to in the moving industry as peak season. The kids are on break, and you probably will not have to step in slush puddles or slip on ice. If you have a flexible schedule, moving during non-peak season (October through April) could save you some money.


Moving can be a fun time, and money-saving tips are a good way to make it even better. Should you like to understand more about A-1 Freeman Moving Group's moving services in Dallas, contact us for additional information on how we will help you get to wherever you are going.


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