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October 21, 2020

Help your Kids Transition to Their New Home

Family moved to new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

A move is a complex task despite what age you are, but it is notably confusing and scary for your youngsters. Everything that they’ve grown up with is being thrown to the wind, and they’re staring at everything from leaving their old friends behind to having to getting acquainted with a new school. With all of this chaos, they’re going to be under a ton quantity of stress. Being a professional moving company in Dallas, we’ve helped families move quite a few times, and over the years we’ve seen ways that can help your youngsters acclimate to their new location.

Start by building a recognizable routine for your kids. This should be pretty easy, as their house may be different, but their day-to-day should be close to the same. They still need to get up, have breakfast, get cleaned up, and everything else.

You also need to schedule time to swing by the school before their first day. This will allow you to meet the teacher and show your kids around so they can see their new classroom in a less stressful situation. Take them out to the playground and let them play on the jungle gym a bit. This will help them feel a bit more familiar with their environment when school begins.

If they’re interested in sports and other similar things, you should look into finding a club or group that they can sign up for. This will help them meet new kids their age and make friends. It’ll also help them feel secure when they become an integral part of a team, allowing their transition to be much more comfortable.

The main thing is to just help them get out and meet new people while getting them used to their new area at the same time. By doing these things not long after your move, you’ll be able to help them feel like everything is going to be just fine.

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