Should I DIY My Office Move?

Office MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

In short, no. In several words, let us count the ways.

Moving to a new company space in Dallas is a good thing--it means your business is thriving and expanding. It is also a pain, given that you've got to pack all the things up and move it to the new spot. In tangible terms this means a bit of downtime for the move planning, transportation, and setting everything back up in the brand new spot. In addition, it usually means extra outlay of money at a time when you are already laying out significant funds for an office uplift, so you may be inclined to save a little bit of money by packing and moving yourself.

Your Investment Is Worth Professional Packing

Don't try to DIY this one. Businesses currently operate on technology, and the elements of that tech have got a sensitivity that disguises their workhorse abilities. Really the only feasible approach you might pack up all your components is if you retained all the original packaging from all your purchases. AND if you're aware of how to repack in reverse. Be honest--you didn’t, and you wouldn't know in the event that you did.

You can ask your accountant the amount you have invested in computer hardware and also equipment--that round number ought to be ample to persuade you that employing professional movers in Dallas is really worth the price. If it's not, you can ask your insurance company if they will pay for any damages you sustain if you drop your new laptop computer or 3D printer--they may possibly pay for losses, after the hefty insurance deductible.

The Pros Know

Professional office moving companies have got the knowledge, materials, and equipment to pack all of the sensitive equipment and also not-so-delicate heavy furniture pieces. Since you didn't keep hold of all the boxes and insulation materials, you will need more of them to pack and protect all your computers and technology. Professional packers understand which materials to make use of and have access to commercial materials (things like contoured cardboard) which supply companies don't usually keep in supply.

Furthermore, they know how to fabricate containers, crates, and padding to move the large stuff, including giant copiers, appliances, and file cabinets and place them onto the moving van safely and securely.

Speaking of trucks. There is an art and a science to understanding not merely the quantity you will need, but what type. If you are moving large components, you may need to have a moving truck with a lift gate in addition to a team who is familiar with how to lift and load without injuring themselves. Then there's the actual loading--packing the cargo area so that not a thing shifts, falls, or breaks during transport is a task of engineering best not left to rookies.

Reduce Your Downtime

There'll be unavoidable downtime. It is possible to ameliorate some of that by moving during the weekend, but plan to be offline for not less than a couple of days. An office moving company in Dallas can limit your downtime further because you won't be taking staff away from their day to day responsibilities or risking personali injury.

You and the workers will be a lot less distressed if you turn the entire move over to a reliable professional office moving company and remove lots of needless stress and time away from work. As soon as the professional movers appear, they've got a flow and a method which ensures not a single thing neglected or left up until the last minute--the coffee pot, hand sanitizers, and also hidden candy stashes will get to the new location safe and secure. How can you know this will occur? Simply because they're professionals.

The logistics of a company move are generally intricate and the whole thing could go off the rails should you miss a detail. Locating a first-rate office moving company in Dallas to take care of your move, from assisting you to generate a schedule to plugging the coffee pot in, is the key to ensuring it's a smooth move.


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