5 Tips for Avoiding Property Damage When Moving Out in Dallas

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The big day has finally turned up, and you are all set to move. The professional movers in Dallas have showed up, the dog is barking, and the youngsters are running around like crazy hooligans. It seems like chaos yet during it all, you discover that the sofa coming up the staircase has bumped into the wall leaving a gaping hole plus the kitchen floors are a mess. The final thing you need to be concerned with is whether or not you're going to get your security deposit back if you are renting or if you will be required to obtain a crew to repair the walls or fix the floors ahead of moving on. To assist you to stay away from scenarios similar to these, listed below are Five suggestions for avoiding property damage while moving out.

Get ready High Traffic Spots

When you give some thought to your move, consider the areas of your home that will turn into high traffic spots. In the event the key hallway is carpeted, consider setting down old rugs or floor coverings to help shield the rugs and prevent the price of deep cleaning the carpeting and rugs when you get ready to leave. If the hallways are hardwood flooring, you might want to give consideration to taping down cardboard to help safeguard the flooring. When moving day presents with it a great deal of precipitation or lousy weather conditions, to prevent tracking in mud, a plastic sheet is most likely the better choice.

Check Your Doorways

For those who have bigger items, make sure to assess the entrances to figure out if the larger furnishings will completely fit. This may seem like a no brainer however if you have carried out renovations to your house that can change the size of your doorways or halls or if you put together some of your larger sized furniture pieces after they came into the house, you might have difficulties removing them. If this is the case, be sure to take a picture of the item prior to disassembling them so you can readily reassemble the pieces once they reach their destination.

Secure Your Valuable Items

When you have stuff like coffee tables or dressers which could have sharp corners and edges, shield them with packing materials or cardboard. This not only saves your pieces of furniture from harm but your wall surfaces from accidentally getting scuffed too. Wrap glass and mirrors in bathroom towels or old bedsheets to make sure that they don’t cause harm as they're moved out of the house. The majority of professional movers in Dallas will have these things on hand.

Tools to Help with the Move

Some furnishings call for more than a person to lift or a team to help direct the item's exit from the home. Professional moving companies in Dallas have several things handy to help make the move simpler.

· Moving Dolly. These dollies are great for moving substantial items like beds, chest of drawers and couches. Movers can easily wheel the unit out of the home with no concern of scratching wood floors and usually with less effort. Dollies are normally utilized if the residence is one level or when the moving company can access an elevator.

· Hand cart. Hand carts are upright in appearance. They're ideal for stacking and moving boxes. These kinds of carts help make sure that things are not dropped in the course of the move.

· Floor sliders. Floor sliders guide substantial things like kitchen appliances and household furniture across hard surfaces while protecting the floors. They can be at times called furniture glides or furniture slides.

Prepare Wall Corners

Corner protectors are often fastened to high traffic zones to make sure that the wall surfaces remain unharmed over the move. Corner protectors are available in cardboard, foam, vinyl and also heavy-duty rubber. You'll want to add them to bedroom wall corners and the wall corners of the house's entryway.

Many of these items can be provided by your moving company in Dallas, so be certain to ask your professional mover if they are going to be furnishing these products or if you need to add these to your packing supply checklist of items to have handy on moving day.


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