The Best Museums and Attractions to Visit in Dallas

Did you just got done moving to Dallas? Is your knowledge of our great city somewhat inadequate? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Dallas, TX has a lot of museums and other attractions where you can delve deep into our history, culture, and a whole bunch of other fun things that helped make our city a fantastic place to live. Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we’ve been helping people move to and around Dallas for quite a while now, and this has allowed us to become incredibly familiar with some of the coolest and most interesting exhibits.

After you get yourself settled in your new day-to-day, you have to take some time to check out the following museums and exhibits:

  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science – With 11 permanent exhibits and plenty of rotating displays to check out, you’ll find plenty to do at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Your kids will love learning about dinosaurs, technology, space, the inner workings of the human body, and so much more. You can easily make an entire afternoon out of a visit here.
  • Frontiers of Flight Museum – For the lover of all things aeronautical, the Frontiers of Flight Museum here in Dallas is your new best friend. There are plenty of planes from the last century and this one on display. You’ll find artifacts from the Hindenburg, World War 1 and 2 planes, the Apollo VII spacecraft, and so much more here.
  • Dallas Museum of Art – Are you interested in the fine arts? Make sure to schedule some time to visit the Dallas Museum of Art now that you’re here. Featuring art from all over the world and through time, there’s plenty to take in. You can easily make an entire day out of exploring the permanent exhibits and taking in the sights of the current promotional displays.

After spending a few hours touring these places, you’ll have a much better understanding for Dallas. You’ll be more acclimated to the city, and you’ll have a better connection to the rich history that has created our wonderful home.

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