Avoid These Disasters When Moving This Fall

Moving DisastersBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

For most people, moving is simply not a good time. In truth, even the easiest of relocations can have a bit of tension.

Still, if something goes horribly wrong on moving day, it is easy to feel as if your world is reaching an end. As opposed to having to endure such a calamity, it's so much better to plan for many contingencies.

Here are several general moving day disasters, and the way it is possible to avoid them:

Your Furniture Doesn't Fit

When you finish driving for countless hours to Dallas, you ultimately reach your new residence... only to discover that you are not able to push the couch through the doorway. That will be an enormous disappointment, plus a huge source of anxiety.

Solution: Check your large furniture pieces for all their proportions. Be sure to compare what you write down with the measurements of your new house, plus your new residence's entryways.

Your Travel Arrangements Fall Through

If you hold off until the last moment to make travel preparations (including motel reservations for long distance moves, or plans for a pal or two to assist you to transport your belongings) it's all too possible that they will fall through, and you'll be left rushing.

Solution: Attempt to prepare your travel preparations a minimum of four weeks beforehand. Arrange alerts for yourself if you need to.

Things are Ruined while in transit

It could be considered one of life's most disheartening encounters to ultimately arrive at your new home, open up the moving truck's door... and discover that lots of your loved possessions are reduced to shattered parts tossed throughout the boxes.

Solution: In most cases, inappropriate packing techniques tend to be the origin of problems incurred in transit. Employ appropriate packing containers and cartons for each and every fragile thing that you are bringing. Make sure to use plenty of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or whatever else is needed to secure and cushion your possessions during the move. Or, you could ask your professional mover in Dallas for help packing items. Most moving companies will pack as much or as little as you need.

You Find Yourself Shelling out More than You Expected

Several days before the move, you discover that your bank account is likely to take a bigger hit than you originally assumed. The moving company in Dallas is billing you a higher rate for their help.

Solution: Many moving companies do request higher rates for "last minute support." To obtain the best rates, do not put things off: book your move as far beforehand as you possibly can and always get a written quotation from the moving company in Dallas you pick.


You have heard it before, but it’s worth repeating…moving to Dallas often does not have to be nerve-racking and bring you to the fringe of a nervous breakdown. This is not to say it's really a time of Zen in your life, although with a little planning and then some backup arranging, your move will be successful, and you should remain sane.

Below are some more important reminders that you need to keep in mind as you are planning for your move.

Hire A Trustworthy Moving Company Soon

The minute you are aware of your new address, commence finding moving companies. It's not the time to cheap out with 1 or 2 lads and a beat-up truck--splurge on a professional mover in Dallas. They will provide the following, and you may cross these responsibilities from your checklist.

· Well-maintained equipment--moving trucks that go through routine maintenance (check-ups, tire rotation, brake assessments) and are totally road-worthy

· Professional workers which have learned how to wrap, load, place household furniture inside a truck, and reverse the procedure at your new home.

· An insured staff and equipment--in the event that a mover gets hurt, the moving company in Dallas takes care of the medical expenses

· Professional packing should you be just bogged down. Should you prefer a couple of specialty pieces packed or crated, they'll look after that for you, so you're able to be confident your valuable items will get there unharmed.

· Ask for a list of the things they are unable to legally move--chemicals, plants, and paint are on that list, among others. You won't want to find out at the last second that your precious bonsai tree will need to remain behind.

· Count on a contract with a written estimation.

· Be sure your mover posesses a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) license.

Hire the Crew, Too

All your chums say, sure, they will help you load the moving truck. Which can be great--if you're moving a fairly short distance and they will assist you to unload, as well. Also, if you're prepared to chance injury, scheduling conflicts, as well as other slight challenges to your moving day.

Hiring professional movers in Dallas guarantees a crew who shows up on time, understands what they're doing, will drive the moving van, and you're able to depend on to transport your items correctly. They will also unload all your stuff and set it in your new house--and that could be well worth the cost.

Move That Which You Cherish and Actually Use

The "if-you-haven't-worn-it-in-six-months-get-rid-of-it" principle really applies when you are moving. Take into consideration that every carton you pack and move has got some price related to it, and that can add up fast when you are looking at many boxes. Eliminate outdated linens, kitchen devices, toys and games, pieces of furniture--everything that you don't make use of, don't like, or don't need.

There's A Blizzard Coming--or a Cyclone

Something even the most prepared among us cannot manage is the weather. Watch the forecast and have a Plan B in case you happen to be caught in lousy rain, snowfall, or wind. Coordinate with the moving company in Dallas a couple of days before hand if it seems hazardous to pack up and drive and reschedule if you have to. If you are moving a long distance, reserve hotel accommodations as you go along. Your realtor is going to understand if you cannot be out of the property on time; bad weather has an effect on everybody, so the new residents won't have the ability to get there either. Don't attempt to beat the storm--they normally win. Moving companies are not going to risk their teams or equipment in hazardous weather; the good thing is that it generally goes by in a day or two.

Put the Pets in Daycare

Your pets recognize if you are troubled, add to that the disappearing belongings and they can truly get distressed. Board your pets the day before the movers come and pick them up on your way out of town. Pack their beds, food, water, and playthings for the trip and make them your last duty.

Now buckle up, chill out, and savor a disaster-free trip to your new home. If you are thinking about a move soon, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Dallas a call. We can help!


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